Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mini-Monsters and Krupdate.

Evening, friends! I just got home from work about forty-five minutes ago, and opened up the Monsterizer to see how the molds for the Krustiez came out. they look pretty good, but I may have to make some changes. We'll see after i run the urethane.

Anyways, yesterday i promised you guys some finished shots of the mini-monsters I sculpted. As promised, so delivered!

What do you think, sirs?


  1. You have put together a nice little set of minis. They all look really fun and gruesome at the same time. I am in awe over the amount of clean detail you get for such little creeps. Bravo man.

  2. They are awesome! I'm in truly love about they *-*

  3. I like all of them but the third one has to be my favorite due to the material you used to sculpt it. It gives it a really gooey look that makes it seem more realistic. If they were sold in stores i'd collect them LOL.