Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finishing some molds and Starting and Finishing another.

SO, here's what's up, humans.  I'm finally finishing the last of the molds for the Krustiez. Pouring up the second half of the mold for the arms, and making the mold for the mini monsters that I sculpted.  I'm thinking of incorporating them into the Krustiez line, since they kinda look like little larval Krustiez.  Either way, I think the little monsters are fun.  Here's what it looks like when I'm making the silicone molds for them, and some other random shots.


  1. So fucking awesome! remember the ad for the next bizarro? well now we're working on a show based on those characters as well as faux commercial breaks...you need to fly out here and we need to make a commercial for these guys, for real.

  2. Ralph I love you, you are beatiful and amazing artist. I am Barbara and I live in Argentina. Solo queria que lo sepas, un beso.