Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Back: a Dinosaur's Story.

Howdy, friends! Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but I’ve been working on lots of exciting things, and contracted a very exciting stomach virus. I am now, however, back!

Since we last spoke, I’ve been working on finishing up the molds for the Krustiez, and you would not believe how many roadblocks and headaches I’ve had to deal with. The first go-round with the silicone went south on me, and I ended up with a box full of goop. That’s what I get for not making any molds for a year. Afterward, I made a bunch of molds for the bakery to help us with some stuff that we do, and when I was able to jump back into my project, I got sick. Now that I’m better and have ahd a refresher in Mold making 101, the Krustiez molds are all poured up and curing as we speak. We’ll know tomorrow if anything went really wrong.

In other news, this past Sunday I sculpted up a trio of little monsters about an inch and a half to two inches tall, just for the sheer hell of it. I like them fairly well, and plan to cast those also. Lots of exciting things happening here at the Command Center. I’ve posted the in-progress shots of the sculpts for the little monsters, and tomorrow I’ll show you how they looked finished.

Check it out!

So the molds are in the Monsterizer, and new molds are being made even as we speak. Now I really must jet. Ta!

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