Tuesday, February 18, 2014

World's Best Chocolate Tyrannosaurus

So, after an, admittedly brief, google search, I feel confident in saying that I've made the world's best chocolate Tyrannosaurus.

The process begins with an armature made from paper wrapped floral wire.

The basic body shall is then blocked in. This is based largely on ostrich musculature.

The block in is then covered in Navy Blue modeling chocolate. Some foot details are added.

More details are sculpted in, and placeholder arms are added.

Teeth, made from Ivory modeling chocolate,  and more details follow.

I begin adding broad areas of color, using powdered edible pigments, missed with grain alcohol. The grain alcohol acts as a liquid medium for the pigment, making it a kind of fast-drying, edible watercolor.

More color details are added, and now he's ready for some edible airbrush.

Final paint details are added.

A  masonite base is cut out for added stability.

The base is covered in Brown modeling chocolate.

Edible candy rocks.

These get added to the base, and now Rexy is all ready to be placed on a cake, where he will rule as King of the Confectionary Lizards!

I opted not to add any feathers,  as this was for a four-year-old's birthday cake, and I don't believe they are up on their speculative biology. Maybe next time. 

So, world's best chocolate Tyrannosaurus? You be the judge. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Do This!

Dinner is served!  Kinda.  I'm all set to start prototyping,  with a big hit block of castilene, my tools, and my lamp. I love starting a new sculpture. This absolutely is not part of my super secret project.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Power Lords Are Here! Kinda.


So the power Lords are here, kind of. If you watch Cake Boss you will remember the episode we did earlier this season when Jim and Eric from Four horsemen design came by the bakery to order a cake to promote the  relaunch of the early 1980s toy line the Power Lords. Buddy's sister Mary and I took the case and we made a really cool volcano playset cake with bubbling edible lava! I was really excited about working on this one because I got to deliver the cake personally to the four horsemen's Toypocalypse Toy Show at Toy Tokyo in Manhattan. While I was there I got to meet the incomparable Wayne Barlowe, who was super cool and just a little out of his mind.

On to the figures themselves, the Horsemen are rolling out two variants of the Lord Power figure which were originally available at Powercon this week. Wayne's designs and Eric's sculpting mesh beautifully to make some really stunning looking figures. I'm a Huge fan of the color schemes of these two and I really dig the neat helmets that they are sporting. I'll definitely be grabbing a pair for my own collection, when they go on sale tomorrow.

Probably one of the most fun aspect of this new release is that the figures use the Glyos play system, which means that all of the parts are interchangeable with not only other figures from the Power Lords line, but are also interchangeable with the Glyos toy line from Onell design , as well as the 4H's Outer Space Men line, and the Weaponeers of Monkaa line from spy monkey creations.

If you're a fan of Cake Boss or science fiction or just neat little toy guys, I seriously recommend checking these out. There Will be more to comein the future. Maybe I'll review them when I get mine in the mail.

Until later, I'm out!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


If you haven't checked out the Four Horsemen's website yet, you really should. http://www.sourcehorsemen.com/ It's cool,


More infuriatingly unhelpful hints about the Super Secret Project,which has nothing to do with toys, nor factories in China.

New Header

In an effort to make this blog look a little less amateur hour, I've whipped up a new header, which I'll be applying to the page shortly. I like it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just for kicks

Anyone else think Jim looks just a little like George Liquor from Ren and Stimpy? Just a bit?  Sorry Jim.