Tuesday, February 18, 2014

World's Best Chocolate Tyrannosaurus

So, after an, admittedly brief, google search, I feel confident in saying that I've made the world's best chocolate Tyrannosaurus.

The process begins with an armature made from paper wrapped floral wire.

The basic body shall is then blocked in. This is based largely on ostrich musculature.

The block in is then covered in Navy Blue modeling chocolate. Some foot details are added.

More details are sculpted in, and placeholder arms are added.

Teeth, made from Ivory modeling chocolate,  and more details follow.

I begin adding broad areas of color, using powdered edible pigments, missed with grain alcohol. The grain alcohol acts as a liquid medium for the pigment, making it a kind of fast-drying, edible watercolor.

More color details are added, and now he's ready for some edible airbrush.

Final paint details are added.

A  masonite base is cut out for added stability.

The base is covered in Brown modeling chocolate.

Edible candy rocks.

These get added to the base, and now Rexy is all ready to be placed on a cake, where he will rule as King of the Confectionary Lizards!

I opted not to add any feathers,  as this was for a four-year-old's birthday cake, and I don't believe they are up on their speculative biology. Maybe next time. 

So, world's best chocolate Tyrannosaurus? You be the judge.