Sunday, January 22, 2012

Process Shots.

Here are some minty fresh shots from the day's work. If I may share some wisdom always do the thing the right way like you're supposed to or you'll have to do it twice, dummy. If I had just obeyed that rule.... regardless, it's done now. See what it took to get this did!

The beast himself is made of super sculpey, aluminum foil, aluminum wire, floral wire, and a couple of joints scavenged off another toy. I love that he's basically just a big mouth, because I have a lot of fun sculpting mouths. I like to make a handful of super sculpey teeth, bake them, and then when they are hard I set them into the as yet unbaked gums, and then cure the whole thing in the oven. then i add the lips, and the rest of the face, and build and bake as I go. The legs were made separately over wire, and then added to the bulk of the body with more super sculpey. They are not articulated, as the shape of the character wouldn't allow for very much hip movement, anyway. the arms were constructed from plumbers epoxy, aluminum wire, and floral wire, and then covered in super sculpey. They were then baked hard, and the whole thing was assembled carefully for the photograph, and taken apart again even more carefully.

Next step is the molds!


  1. I love seeing the in progress photos! Those teeth are amazing.

  2. Thanks, Emi! The teeth are my favorite bit to do!