Sunday, January 22, 2012

Action Figure Prototype Sculpted!

So, after much wasting time, I have put together my first articulated action figure! Feature a whopping two points of articulation, I give you Vin, the first of a line of small monster action figures I am tentatively calling "Krustiez." These are inspired by the kind of gross-out toys I remember being fairly popular in the late eighties, early nineties.

The Krustiez are a bunch of tiny, nugget-bodied monsters that live in your basements and garbage, and take on some of the characteristics of whatever they encounter most often. Due to his prolonged exposure to rats as a youth, Vinegar Chesterfield Heatherington or "Vin," took on decidedly rodent-like traits. Like all of his kin, Vin suffers from delusions of regal breeding and nobility, as well as a decided lack of cognitive capability. That is to say, he's dumb as a post. And not a smart post. He still sees himself as the "idea man" of his clan of trash-dwellers, even though his plan to get all of the humans' food by gluing popsicle sticks to snails was, as could be guessed, not entirely successful. Never daunted, Vin and his best friend Pus are always on the lookout for new mischiefs and scams.

This was about a nine hour sculpt, and I'm mostly pleased with it. I'm hoping to get it cast this week so I can start pouring up the final resin pieces, which will be available for purchase as soon as I can figure out how to make an online store or something. You want one?

Vin is about three inches tall, and hopefully the first of several Krustiez which will be available. Up next is Pus, whom I shall show you a bit of later on this week.

What do you think, sirs?


  1. Well, you asked what the sirs think, but this lady thinks you're a pretty darned talented artist!!